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Gifts from the plants
A herbalist at heart – Ing-Marie Shallcrass

Ing Marie Shallcrass

I am from Sweden. In 1990 I moved to Nelson with my Kiwi husband. After my children were born, my sister-in-law and I started a successful soap making business, Global Soap.

After 22 years the time was right for us to sell and pursue other things.

My Scandinavian heritage has given me the philosophy of simplicity, minimalism and functionality. I have incorporated this with the traditional Maori Rongoa teaching of NZ Native plants.

This fusion of culture and practices has inspired me to formulate a collection of natural plant-based products. 


Chickweed was created

The story behind the name

Chickweed is a little plant that grows all around the world. Most people consider it a weed, as it continues to pop up in the garden beds. If you look closely it has a beautiful flower in the shape of a little star.  Stellaria, the Latin name means “star”, and it is the symbol in my logo.  And of course I am a Chick who loves weeds! All my products have a “star” ingredient, this is the main plant and I have added other plants to compliment my “star”.

Plant preparation

To ensure freshness and quality, all my plants are seasonally sourced in my own garden or wildcrafted locally around my home in beautiful Golden Bay, NZ. All the plants are handpicked using the right tikanga or protocols, to ensure the respect and integrity of each plant and the land is followed. The flowers and herbs are gently dried, then carefully steeped in oil to lock-in the very best herbal benefits. It takes time and is a labour-of-love but each one of my balms, are unique and hand crafted.

The medicinal properties of the plants around us are endless. I always get such a sense of wellbeing when preparing and using the different botanicals.

Each one of my products are bursting with pure nourishment – and a little bit of Magic – to improve and maintain the health of your skin and body, knowing that nature has been allowed to provide its very best.


The healing has already begun!

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It is a pot filled with nature’s magic!